27 July 2007


That's Spanish for 'Hello.' Just in case you didn't know. Unfortunately for me, my Spanish ability doesn't go much further. But that's ok, because I'm learning. Yeah.

I've made it to Medellin. The city is beautiful!!! There are hills everywhere, so nearly every place you are, you have a great view. My apartment is amazing. I'm supposed to have a roommate, Jenna, but she took ill in Miami and has been in the hospital since Monday. I guess she was planning to come down today (Friday), but the last I heard was that that might not happen. I'm not exactly sure what's going on. As a result, I'm rambling around the place alone. Which isn't too bad, really, except that I didn't have my alarm set right the first night and woke up yesterday morning to a phone call saying my bus would leave in 5 minutes. Nothing like making the whole bus late on the first day, eh? (But really, is anyone surprised??)

My apartment has 3 bedrooms (one big master with a huge closet and bathroom attached), one other full bathroom, and a maid's room (small bedroom with 3/4 bath) off the kitchen. The master (ok, my) bedroom opens onto an enclosed patio, which then opens onto a huge open patio. The view is spectacular!. The living room opens onto a small balcony that extends past the kitchen. There are tons of windows, too, which I'm able to leave open 24-7.

Yesterday we went shopping with our 'host families.' My 'dad,' Jose, is an oral surgeon and his wife is a dentist. They have two little girls; the oldest will be in 1st grade and the youngest in K5 (which is basically the US equivalent of kindergarten) at my school. Jose speaks as much English as I speak Spanish, so he brought along a family friend, Anita, who will be in 10th grade here at the school. She is fluent in English, which I think is wonderful. This is the only school she's gone to, and she loves it. The shopping itself was completely overwhelming, but I was able to get enough food that I won't starve for a week or two at least. Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I've been drinking the city water and haven't gotten the least bit sick. Guess I'm going to have to start exercising if I want to lose weight. That, or actually start using cocaine. Good thing there are so many hills I'll have to traverse in order to get anywhere!

Ok, well I think I've rambled on enough for this morning. I'm pretty coherent, despite a lack of caffeine (I managed to buy a coffeemaker and coffee, but no filters yesterday). I'll be sure to post pictures soon; I don't have internet at home yet and haven't wanted to drag my laptop to where there is service. I do have a real address and phone number, so email me if you want either. No cell phone yet; maybe this weekend.


ambulancegirl911 said...

Hey, you actually did it! We miss you already. Jana is here and we are getting ready for the big fair. I can't wait until it is over. Sounds like things are going good. Well we'd better go, everyone says hi, including the 10,000 kids at my house.

Love Jodee

mom kay at kmer said...

Hi Jenny was glad to know things are good. All ask about you. We spent fri and sat at the Kemmerer walkarusa (pictures to follow some time) Heard some good music. To Bad brian has never been here. It was good you were out of the country friday when I cleaned yourroom What a mess!! Better now. Hope your roommate is okay and shows up soon. Talk to you later. Love you lots. Mom (and dad)

falenaf1 said...

You made it! Wow your place sounds awesome-you did say there was an extra bedroom right? I'm so happy for you. Please keep blogging so I know what you're up too :)
Lots of love,
Ask me if I'm a cantaloupe?

LeeAnn said...

Paco says 'sup from CO! Things sound better than expected so far? How's the music scene? Miss you lots!!!! LeeAnn

Michelle said...

So glad to hear that you made it safely! Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

Brian said...

Hey Jenny, was wondering why I hadn't heard any more from you and then remembered to check your blog. Glad you are starting to settle in. Your apartment sounds great.

You need to get some of that speedy Columbian Internet hooked up, though so you can email a bit more, eh? Can't wait for the next update.


christymathyzak said...

If you get a cell phone maybe your dad can send you text messages to wake you up. I hope you haven't been sleeping all this time and that's why you haven't been able to write. Do you have students yet? What is the school like? Movers come on Monday. In Buffalo with mom--her surgery went well. She's just hobbling around now.

We love you and miss you lots and look forward to hearing more about your adventures!