27 July 2007


That's Spanish for 'Hello.' Just in case you didn't know. Unfortunately for me, my Spanish ability doesn't go much further. But that's ok, because I'm learning. Yeah.

I've made it to Medellin. The city is beautiful!!! There are hills everywhere, so nearly every place you are, you have a great view. My apartment is amazing. I'm supposed to have a roommate, Jenna, but she took ill in Miami and has been in the hospital since Monday. I guess she was planning to come down today (Friday), but the last I heard was that that might not happen. I'm not exactly sure what's going on. As a result, I'm rambling around the place alone. Which isn't too bad, really, except that I didn't have my alarm set right the first night and woke up yesterday morning to a phone call saying my bus would leave in 5 minutes. Nothing like making the whole bus late on the first day, eh? (But really, is anyone surprised??)

My apartment has 3 bedrooms (one big master with a huge closet and bathroom attached), one other full bathroom, and a maid's room (small bedroom with 3/4 bath) off the kitchen. The master (ok, my) bedroom opens onto an enclosed patio, which then opens onto a huge open patio. The view is spectacular!. The living room opens onto a small balcony that extends past the kitchen. There are tons of windows, too, which I'm able to leave open 24-7.

Yesterday we went shopping with our 'host families.' My 'dad,' Jose, is an oral surgeon and his wife is a dentist. They have two little girls; the oldest will be in 1st grade and the youngest in K5 (which is basically the US equivalent of kindergarten) at my school. Jose speaks as much English as I speak Spanish, so he brought along a family friend, Anita, who will be in 10th grade here at the school. She is fluent in English, which I think is wonderful. This is the only school she's gone to, and she loves it. The shopping itself was completely overwhelming, but I was able to get enough food that I won't starve for a week or two at least. Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I've been drinking the city water and haven't gotten the least bit sick. Guess I'm going to have to start exercising if I want to lose weight. That, or actually start using cocaine. Good thing there are so many hills I'll have to traverse in order to get anywhere!

Ok, well I think I've rambled on enough for this morning. I'm pretty coherent, despite a lack of caffeine (I managed to buy a coffeemaker and coffee, but no filters yesterday). I'll be sure to post pictures soon; I don't have internet at home yet and haven't wanted to drag my laptop to where there is service. I do have a real address and phone number, so email me if you want either. No cell phone yet; maybe this weekend.

13 July 2007

Pictures! Woo Woo!!

Ok, not a whole lot to report, except that I'm in the middle of 'moving to another country hell.' Packing has started...not a whole lot of progress yet, though. Mom's house has too many distractions, Dish Network the big one. Did you know that Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, The O.C., AND Murder She Wrote are all on at least twice a day?!?

On a happier note, I figured out how to add pictures to my posts. It's REALLY hard! Or, that's what I keep telling myself so that I don't feel like such an idiot. For a smart girl, I sure am dumb sometimes! Enjoy!

I like to call this one "Serial Killer Jason"

These are shots of us in the Jackson Town Square with the famous antlers. We're so cool, we wear our sunglasses at night when we're the only people around. Notice the sign next to Jason.

Last one for today...This is G'Nome the Gnome (thanks Julia!) next to the lone peony bush at the cabin. It actually bloomed this year!

01 July 2007


Walk at Graduation Ceremony...Check!
It was pretty cool to go through the ceremony and wear my hood. Even though it was nine-thousand degrees out and we were sitting in the middle of the soccer field in black robes. I think I did better than my family, though, who wussed out and went into the union to get some air-conditioned bliss as soon as I was done walking! I guess I don't blame them, though, since there were a million other students to sit through.

Throw a Huge Party in My Amazon-Inspired Backyard...Check!
Had a great party, with Jason at the grill (despite issues with the charcoal), beer flowing like water, mom playing the role of hostess, Brian hula-hooping and tending the fire, and everyone enjoying a nice time. The evening came to a close with a trip to Sancho's Broken Arrow and Pete's Kitchen for a breakfast burrito and gyros.

Entertain Out-Of-Towners...Check!

My best friend Lindsay and her husband Jeff came into town for a vaca before I head out. Had a blast with them, including a few really lazy days. We caught a Rockies/Royals game, tried to drive over Guanella Pass (but got stopped at the top with snow drifts), ate some yummy meals, caught 'Trampled by Turtles' at Quixote's, and wreaked some havoc on the Lego store. A good time was had by all!

Finish Thesis...Check!
After months of "working on it", I finally got my paper done and did my presentation for my committee. Mom came for moral support and knitted in the back of the room the whole time. I was more nervous than I wanted to be when I gave my talk, but it did go well, and I didn't fail. Feel free to call me 'Master.'

Pack up Denver Apartment and Move Home with Mom and Dad...Check!
After I was done with my paper and talk, mom and I got to work on packing and cleaning my house. I can't believe how much stuff I've amassed in the 4 years I've been in that place. And I even got rid of most of my furniture! It's the little things that'll get you.

See Some Live Music Before Leaving the Country...Check!
Brian and I caught Particle at Cervantes before I left Denver. It was an awesome show!! We got to stand right at the stage for most of the show and danced our butts off. Ran into my friend 'Crazy Melissa' near the end of the show and got to hang out with her for a little while afterward in the green room. Which, by the way, has to be the worst green room in rock and roll history. Now, I'm no expert on green rooms, but I can't imagine it gets worse than this one. The band was actually packing up their stuff rather than hanging in the green room. That's how bad it is.

In a totally different scene, Jason and I saw Jerry Joseph in Jackson, WY this past Tuesday night. We decided to stay in town that night, instead of driving back to the cabin. This meant we stayed at a campground where he slept in the back of his truck and I slept in a little tent he's had for 20+ years. It was nice, though, because neither of us had to drive. On the downside, there were about 392 geese and their goslings that found it necessary to come through camp at the crack of hell the next morning. Hangover + Geese = Not so Happy Jenny.

The show was spectacular! Jerry played all of our favorites, 3 of them at my request. It was totally rocking--a great show to leave with! After the show, we walked back to the campground through the town square and took a picture in front of the famous antler arch...probably the only one of the two of us there. Good times!

Also on the list:
Get Colombian Visa...working on it.
Finish Thank-You Notes...working on it.
Send Ahead Some Goods...looking into it.
Enjoy Time with Family...working on it, one by one.
Let Mom Spoil Me...always working on it.
Pack Stuff...not looking forward to working on it.