20 October 2009

What I've been up to lately

As I mentioned in a previous post, I left Colombia to come back to the US. When I left, I had no concrete options in place, so the plan was to live with mom and dad until I could find something.

It's now October 20th and I'm still looking. Man, the economy sucks these days! Or at least that's what I keep telling myself so that I don't feel quite so un-hireable. I've got my application in at the schools here in order to substitute teach, but I've only been called for one job, which, unfortunately, I had to call in sick for. Dang swine flu!

So what's next? Not sure. I've been applying for different jobs (not here in Kemmerer--I love mom and dad, but I've got to get out of here!), most of them connected to education in some manner: administration type positions at the college level, community college math teaching, that kind of stuff. Haven't heard anything yet, which is kind of a bummer and definitely makes me doubt my skills (whatever they are). I know I need to be patient and trust that God will provide, but I'm certainly getting impatient. And frustrated. And broke.

In the meantime, I've been 'the best helper ever' to my parents at home. I've been having fun cooking dinner, even making dad try some new things. I thoroughly enjoy laundry day. I washed the walls in the living room and halls for mom when she and dad were on vacation. I've organized her pantry and a cupboard (only about 20 left to do). I helped her can fresh peaches and pears. I helped dad cut down and haul away 2 huge willow trees from the yard. I'm awesome like that. And it helps me feel slightly less guilty about living here rent-free. I am completely grateful that they are willing and able to help me out right now.

Aside from 'working,' I've watched a lot of TV, saw a good friend get married, gone to 2 WYO football games, and been able to watch my cousins Kaylee and Jaden play volleyball and 6-man jr. high football, respectively. It's actually been a rewarding autumn, despite the lack of job opportunities.


The fruit always looks so pretty in the jars like this!


Dad trying to start the chainsaw.

Limb 1 down.

Halfway there.



Jaden is the cutest little center there ever was. It's a good thing he's mean!

Kaylee is voted the 2nd attendant at Homecoming after her volleyball match.

Check out the steam coming off the field.

Josee and me at the UW game.

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Sara said...

I recognize that hat! Miss you!