07 June 2009

New Specs

I finally got myself some new glasses awhile back. My prescription hadn't changed much, but my frames were all wonky and crooked. These are the new ones. Unfortunately, the shape is so much like my old ones, no one has noticed they're new, even though they are BLUE. Oh well. And I always end up looking goofy in self-portraits.

I had to post this picture of mom, too. This is at a restaurant here in Medellin, Hatoviejo, where we ate on their last day here. Mom had ordered a grilled shrimp platter that they bring out on the sizzling hot cast-iron griddle. I guess they're concerned that your clothes will get dirty without the bib.

And one final picture for today. Our school celebrated teachers' day with a barbecue complete with beer for all of the staff. At the school. (I'm certainly going to miss that about Colombia...drinking at school with my coworkers.) Earlier that morning, I was voted the 'Most Positive Attitude' of all the 9th grade teachers. I've been wearing the button at school every day since.

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