25 May 2009

Mama, I'm Coming Home

And what an apt day to make the announcement...today is my mom's birthday. Feliz Cumpleanos, Mami! This picture was taken when mom and dad visited me in Colombia for spring break. We were paying our respects to Pablo Escobar.

This past school year has been pretty crazy, and I decided to move on. Since nothing panned out on the international front, I'm coming back to the US. I'm still looking for jobs and haven't decided where I'll land yet, so if you know of anything for me, let me know. I'll be looking for a place to live, a car to drive, oh, and a way to make some money. That one should probably be on top of the list, I guess.

A quick recap of what's happened since my last post (waaaaaay too long ago). There was the mental breakdown in October. An orphan's Thanksgiving at our friend Carolina's house. 3 week trip over Christmas break to Argentina and Chile with Jenna (including 4 overnight bus trips, an attempted mugging, a bona fide rip-off from a very rude cab driver, and my very first Christmas and birthday spent away from family-one of these days I'll actually sit down to write up the full synopsis). 3-day weekend trip to Cali, which was spent mostly in the hotel recuperating from normal life. 1 job interview and major letdown. A million job applications without interviews or consideration. 3 or 4 puente weekends in celebration of some saint or holy day I'm not familiar with. Lost my nose ring. Got new glasses. Pretty sure I'm going to get a tatoo. 1 bashed-in car hood (my fault, caused by some yahoos in a delivery truck who thought it would be acceptable to stop in the middle of the street). Repaired car-hood and new brakes. And, the icing on the cake--last night the car got towed. Fantastic! Now we have to figure out when and how we're going to get down to the Transito office in order to get it back.

That's basically it. I'm looking forward to coming home (June 28). I'm planning a trip to California to see my friend Sarah, a trip to Seattle to see Lindsay, Jeff and Becca, and of course some time in Denver and with family in Wyoming. And hopefully by then I'll know where I'm going to be moving. Feel free to pray for me.

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