31 July 2008

This one time? At math camp?

So, you may know that the reason that I came back to Medellin when I did was because of the math institute/camp that we're hosting this week. I've been teaching a class to soon-to-be-8th graders in the mornings while other teachers are observing. Apparently they're supposed to see IMP in action. They're sure seeing me, doing what I do. Not sure if it's the best representation of the program, but I'm doing what I can and actually learning a lot about my own teaching.

I found out this week that my classroom has changed. Thankfully, I found out before any of the other teachers got back (they all come on Monday) and was able to very quickly move all of the books and supplies I need. There wasn't even anyone around to share the cart with, so my 2 trips took only about 1/2 an hour. One less thing to deal with.

I also found out this week that I was not chosen as the math department chair. Not that I'm surprised. But it's nice that they finally let me know. And I am mostly happy with who they chose.

Oh, and the logic and sets course that I was scheduled to teach without a book or even knowing how often it meets--it's been given to another teacher. I'm a little disappointed, because I was actually looking forward to doing something new, and to the challenge, but it'll also make my year a little bit easier. Maybe.

Jenna gets back tomorrow. I've been feeling pretty lonesome here in the apartment by myself.

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