26 July 2008

I die a little bit every time I try to upload photos.

I'm having serious issues trying to share my photos with you all. Of course, with blogger, you can only do one or two at a time and it takes forever, so that's out.

So I tried Kodak online. But it was working for a good 2 hours and I was lucky to get 2 photos online. Mind you, I tried it at least 3 different times (with the same photos) on different internet connections with the same lack-of-success.

So I tried Snapfish. This time the site 'worked' for about an hour to upload my 72 pictures. When I checked on it, there was an error message that 51 of the photos were not a valid format (or something like that). Of the 21 photos that were 'successfully uploaded,' 6 did not show up as actual pictures. Argh!

I'm beginning to think it might have something to do with iPhoto or my Mac, but I just don't know. Does any of you have any ideas or suggestions? Anybody else have a Mac and have similar problems? HELP!

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