15 March 2008

Viva Costa Rica

Hi all. Jenna and I are heading to Costa Rica tomorrow morning for Semana Santa (Holy Week). We're renting a car and driving from San Jose to Arenal (where there's a huge active volcano). We're staying there for a few days and then heading down to the Pacific coast to Manuel Antonio and spending a few days on the beach. We're both looking forward to some away. At the very least, it'll be an adventure.

I'll update on the trip when I get back. (Notice there's no promise of a time frame here.)


jayme said...

Hey Jen,

Hope you had a great time email me when you get a chance I always am wondering how you are doing. dasiediva@yahoo.com

Take care,
Jayme Roach

Julia said...

Got the volcano postcard in the mail... sounds like ya'll are rockin' it out in CR. you're going to have to elaborate on the stolen backpack story on the blog!! Reminds me of the time that Aler, Kristina and I got robbed in Italy - we got Kristana's pack back after a chase through the streets and then we had to delay our departure so that she could go to court to testify against the ketchup-throwing culprits. That's when I met Brian for the first time in the train station in Rome too... ah, the memories!! Lovin' the vicarious livin' - keep it up for me, girl.

love, julia