03 February 2008

Hermosa Dia

It's been a beautiful weekend. It's hard to believe that it's February 3...I just spent some time laying out at the pool. The sun and the breeze were perfect--just what I needed to recharge. You see, I'm a little hungover today. I was out dancing too late last night and drank a little bit too much rum. But it was a fantastic time!

Yesterday we went to our first San Alejo artisans market of the new year. I picked up a few small treats for myself and have stared a wish list for next month. I never tire of checking out all of the stuff that's there.

My date Friday was nice. Dude got lost trying to get to my apartment (actually a pretty common occurrence). The conversation wasn't nearly as scary as I'd anticipated. He's very patient and helpful with my lack of Spanish knowledge. I had my notepad and Spanish-English dictionary handy and all was good.

I guess that's it for now. I'm in the middle of a recap of the last couple months which I'll post soon. Tomorrow I'm giving a test in all my classes, so maybe I'll have some time to finish it up.


LeeAnn said...

Was your date named Juan, or by any chance heir to a multi-billion-dollar coffee plantation? Don't worry about your Spanish...next time you see him just say, "Tienes pantalones calientes!"

Jenny said...

Actually, his name IS Juan. :) Unfortunately, he is not heir to a large coffee plantation. Dang!