06 November 2007

Still Here...

And Bogota-bound. Tonight I'm off to IMP training for the rest of the week. I'm then sticking around an extra night and plan on doing some touring on Saturday. I'm a bit scared, but very excited to see a new city.

I've been terrible about writing! I think it's because I keep thinking that I have to have something exciting or witty to write. And I've really got nothing.

Life is pretty boring here. School keeps me busy and going to bed early. The weekends have been a combination of relaxation and craziness. A few weeks ago some friends and I spent the long weekend in La Pintatda, which is a small town south of Medellin. We stayed at a small hotel that had an amazing view and nice pool. I'll post pictures soon.

Two weekends ago was an election weekend, so the country was dry from Friday at 3:00 pm until Monday morning. Jenna and I had an inaugural party at our place, which was a lot of fun despite the torrential rain that kept many a guest home taxi-less. The next day ended up being absolutely no fun for me, and I had to skip out on our friends' party that night. :(

This past weekend was another 3-day weekend--the country celebrated All Saints' Day yesterday. Saturday night a bunch of us rented a bus and went to a dance club about 20 minutes out of the city for their annual Halloween party. It was a ton of fun! We didn't get home until after 3 am though, so Jenna and I were wiped out all day Sunday. It was really nice that we didn't have to try to be ready to go back to work the next day.

This coming weekend is another puente (holiday). I'm hoping to get a lot of grading done. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

I think that's about it for now. Things are good. I promise pictures soon.


Crystal said...

Glad things are well and looking forward to seeing an update soon... check out the latest update on my blog.

LeeAnn said...

Do you still have your gmail account or do you have a new email address? Just curious.

Jenny said...

I do still use my gmail account. Just terrible writing there, too! J