27 September 2007

Here they are...

Pictures! Finally! I’m officially on ‘Colombian Time’ now.

G’Nome had a bit too much sangria at happy hour. He was trying to swim to the bottom of the glass to get the fruit.

Looking northwest off our HUGE deck/patio at dusk

The same picture, but during the afternoon.

Looking west toward the city, over the top of La Visitacion Mall (the little strip mall on the corner).

Looking up the hill (northeast).

Looking north off the patio.

My building. I’m not sure if you can see the electric fence in this picture or not.

On my first day here…at my future-ex-husband’s coffee shop.

This is in a park near the National Museum (or something like that) that we got to see on our bus tour of the city. All of the sculptures are by Botero. This is little G’Nome next to giant head.

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Crystal said...

Ok, the G'nome thing is hilarious. I had forgotten about that. I am glad that you are feeling better and that things are well.