31 August 2007

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

This was how Jenna referred to a cab ride the other night. And it really was.

We had just come out of the dentist's office, where she was getting a filling replaced and I was providing moral/speaking support. We tried calling a cab, but it had been raining off and on all afternoon, so no cabs were open. So we walk up to the main street (Avenida Poblado) to try to hail one. Next thing we know, the sky opens up in a torrential downpour. Now our shoes are soaked, there are still no cabs, and Jenna is threatening to pee behind a bush (which is actually quite common to see here).

Finally, a cab comes by and I ask if he'll take us to our apt. We're in hysterics by now, and he is telling me that he cannot take us (of course I can't understand why). So I look at Jenna, and she says 'Esta bien?' (it's ok?), and I climb in the car. He proceeded to drive like a bat out of hell, cussing us and traffic the entire way to our place, passing cars, honking his horn, weaving in and out of traffic, gunning it between speed bumps. It was great. Better than any ride at Elitch's.

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Crystal said...

I'm glad that Frog and Toad made it home safely. (They always traveled together, right?) People will be signing up to come visit now that they know a cab ride in Medellin is better than Elitches. Well, I will sign up to come visit but since I don't care for amusement parks, I'd be happy to skip the crazy ride. :*) Have fun and stay safe!